STM Audio

   Double death


   Are you listening?


   Touche mon petit frere!

   Llama Clouds

   Bops and Dinks

   Monkey brain

   You call that work?

   It's growling

   Tit wank

   Jelly Molester

   I WON'T make a cup of tea

   Tossbag Kid

   Cape Tailor

   Jungle Boy

   Beard of a Thousand Stories


   Sucking juices from a corpse

   Nipple Glue

   You put the phone down

   Cake o'Clock

   Hippo Shirts

   Cha cha cha

   Scratching Things


   Green Bananas

   Choc Dip

   Play My Game

   Needle-Dick Bug Fucker

   Don't Stop Believing

   Elephant Race

   Bouncing the Floor

   Don't Come To Work

   Party Treat

   The Jigabee's Here

   Guinea Pig Kisses

   I'm the Pilot

   Fuck-up Corner

   Piss Flap

   Bushbabies are Everywhere

   It Must Be Broken

   Pony For Sale

   The Penguins Deserve Better

   The Itchies

   Mary Poppins Revisited

   Superstar Donkey Jockey

   Pirate Mandate

   Potato Bags

   Vampire Penguins and Zombie Guinea Pigs

   Duck on a Swing

   Too Many Whiskers

   Badger Tickling